Dogs are such popular pets because they are honest, they don’t lie, they are trustworthy and they are loyal.  Dogs are social creatures who enjoy and need our company as much as we need theirs.  The single greatest injustice we can commit against a dog is to give him a set of human moral values and expect him to live up to them, and punish him when he does not.  We have chosen our dogs to become our companion and housemates and in many cases, more than that, such as a child or spouse substitute.  To expect them to live up to that role is unrealistic.  The dog deserves to be appreciated for the wonderful, unique creature that he is with his own marvelous capabilities and traits.  


Meeting Cesar at an adoption event at the Northshore Animal League.

Puppy Education is three one hour sessions covering House breaking-Socialization-puppy proofing your home the beginning  of Obedience training and to answer all the questions that arise from bringing home your new best friend.


Why do we Obedience train? 

It builds confidence in the handler and the dog. 

It helps establish leadership. 

It helps in situations where the dog is unsure or reacts negatively by giving the dog a command in these situations it gives the dog something to do and focus on you.

If done correctly it is fun for the handler and the dog and lays the foundation for a great relationship.


No two dogs are humans are alike I will design a program that works for you and your dog.  The most important aspect to any method is that the handler is comfortable and confident in the method.